Beauty Shoot

Mid-semester break has just ended and I readily used the time to fit in as many shoots as possible. This time around I had a general casting call and had quite a favourable response and compiled a list of possible creatives and models.
This beauty shoot involves Domi Baiocchi (makeup and hair) and Jas B (model), both of whom I haven’t worked with before so it’s quite exciting. It was a simple one involving two looks and after sending messages and reference images we settled upon a high contrast one focusing on the eyes and one with a diamante design.

As with most of my shoots, we were in the apartment. Jas recently moved to Melbourne and is finding her way around. We’ve been meaning to work together for some time, so this was an awesome opportunity. She’s such a lovely girl and put up with my strange directions (can you growl? like a lion?) with a smile.
Domi (seen above working on the first look) does superb clean meticulous makeup. I love it! Her choice of cyan and blues in providing the contrast look turned out really well, and I ended up preferring the end result in colour as opposed to the original choice of black+white.

This also gave me a chance to play with different processing style. I’ve been really interested in silvery skin tones, although I’m not quite sure if there’s enough contrast and separation from the background. Lighting was done with two hot lights, with one bounced to the ceiling. Vlad provided assistance with adjusting lighting.
Jas also brought along a bagful of jewelery and we attempted an a jewelery editorial. It was certainly an education, as trying to get an awesome set of 8-10 images for an editorial is a lot harder than just getting one kick ass image. In addition they have to be cohesive and tell a story.

For the second look, Domi opted for a casual ponytail, and carefully laid out red diamantes in a scar formation. The next hour was spent attempting to growl, scowl, scream, yell and bring fierceness to the look! Black lipstick is difficult to work with, it tends to stain the teeth so be prepared!

Changing expression and pose shows how remarkable a look can shift. In the first she’s a sneering dominatrix, and the other a high fashion model! I like to think so anyway =)
The right people and a good team is invaluable on every shoot. It’s a wonderful feeling when everything goes right and you end up with something you’re proud of. Much contentment.

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