I meant to write about this on Halloween! Saw Orphan the night before, and while I’m usually not partial to horror films due to an overactive imagination (I still fear Chucky and IT), I was really surprised by Orphan!
The story tells of a family still grieving from the loss of a stillbirth baby, and they decided to adopt a girl who turned out not quite as expected. The film maintains a sense of watchful creepiness even from the start, relying on expert cinematography to deliver the audience along with it. Unlike most other horror thrillers, this one does not involve a high amount of senseless blood and gore.

Not quite sure why the reviewers aren’t as receptive to Orphan, perhaps because it doesn’t hold the same sort of value in potential sequels, the movie was definitely a little more artsy. I was blown away by the performance of the 12 yr old lead actress Isabelle Fuhrman who played ‘Esther’, very mature, well thought out and she absorbed her character utterly.
Her transformation in the movie was so impeccable! Alternating between sweet child and psycho with such ease, I half expected her to appear in the room!
Time to stop shuddering. Orphan isn’t as scary as all the Exorcist type movies and Ring and etc, but still, quite enjoyable for a thriller =D
All images of Orphan movie belong to Dark Castle.

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