Melbourne has turned into a scorcher when it’s not raining straight through for 6 hours. Attempting to sit through 3.5 hours of law exams twice was rather an achievement in itself and at last I’m free. Sweet sweet freedom from being cooped up for two weeks staring at tiny notes and bright computer screens!
Sarah (a very dear and darling makeup artist who recently moved to Melbourne and we’ve been working together for awhile) and I excitedly planned for a what promised to be phenomenal beach fashion and beauty shoot. Unfortunately, as always when I prepared for a location shoot, the skies thundered and grayed and positively threatened sleet. Slightly dramatic but I’m hugely disappointed in Melbourne ‘Four Seasons’ weather!
Just the other day popped in again at Insert Name Here to see Airdrie and met the newest designers who joined the store. Eva Q is a must watch young couturist, her current collection an exemplar of hand sewn delicacy, while Hamish of T Shirt Garage produces comfortable male and female tees grafted with muscle car designs. It was Hamish’s welcome evening and somehow I got roped in to shooting runway and event! What an interesting experience negotiating through available light, trying to shoot quickly, quietly and with decent composition. Don’t think I did so well, but it was great fun =D

I’ll soon be busy with a new shoot and will be updating with images from the big editorials from months ago =D Stay tuned!

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