Une Situation Etrange/ Editorial

Last year I decided to conduct a shoot during the coldest day ever recorded in Melbourne and it was a shoot involving somewhat limited clothing. It features some delicious sexiness, a Dolce&Gabbana meets Tim Burton and I envisioned something rater epic involving lots of large structures and wild makeup and incorrigible props. Unfortunately it rather fell through, sort of a muffin besides the cake. The models were awesome though, braving everything with the type of courage any photographer would grin with glee. Makeup and hair were provided by the vivacious Monique Gow- stellar work. Wardrobe provided by models, styled by moi, bien sur.
It’s shoots like these where things definitely didn’t go quite well (wrong location, overcast drizzling windy winter weather, concept terribly conveyed resulting in quizzical looks) that tells you a successful shoot is more than likely 90% proper effective planning and 10% luck (at the very least, check the weather report! And make sure you have control over your set and everyone involved!). I know it sounds so dictatorial but the photographer (in most cases) control the final end product so it’s prudent to make sure things stay on course and that you or everyone else are not distracted.

Location was cool though (no pun intended), definitely a place for more shoots if possible. Also those boots are to drool over.

Makeup and Hair by Monique Gow
Models Miss Hatter and Rob B
Photographed by S de Varax
Photography assistant Vlad K
This story can be found in Sublime Rush  

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