Paris Couture Week 2010

Spring-Summer collection from some of the big fashion houses.

Giorgio Armani goes for structured suits and some very interesting reflecting fabrics, choosing embellishments such as crescent moons to accent shapes and throats. The pencil skirts are so delicious, a cute addition to any wardrobe if the pret-a-porter collection is anything like this!

Chanel, ever feminine, gorgeous and ladylike. Lagerfeld revisits traditional lines but with new hints of modern panache with shorts paired with fitted jackets and edgings in silver. Mixed reactions to the styling, models walked with bows decked hair shaped like mickey ears- cute or or too lady gaga?
Christian Dior always presents such lovely sets. This year’s collection follows an equestrian theme but there’s no shortage of full length gowns with lace and tulle details and draped dramatic skirts accompanied by riding crops and top hats. Tres Chic with a capital C. 
 Funky tropical tribal looks graced Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection. Waisted corsets, hoop skirts and padded shoulders and crafted headdresses, what a spectacular show! I adore the fringe effect of the layered skirt as well as the tulle filled dress, very stunning. 
I have no idea how I went so long without chanting Elie Saab’s name. This collection is definitely one of the top highlights, a pinnacle of couture gowns. Light airy and infinitely beautiful, each gown is exquisitely wrought. Love the understated colours and how the dresses flow with each step.

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