Izakaya Den and Canary Club

Since Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day fell on the same day, it was a great opportunity to have a feast and try out the latest hot new restaurant that has just opened up. Izakaya Den is a cool underground Japanese restaurant featuring a casual yet chic bar-style ambiance in a tight but long room. The decor is warm with wooden seats by the bar and plush cushions for intimate groups, yet complemented with a bare ceiling of running pipes and marble tables (and a larger stone one for big parties). Mellow contemporary jazz is continuously played in the background. The place is famed for its variety of sake (japanese wine) but we decided to try the cocktails instead. 

A Bellini Den and a Miyazaki…I think.
Decent with subtle layering of alcohol. My Bellini Den came with apple juice while the other has cranberry which gradually became sweeter with each sip but the initial taste came with a quick punch of dryness. 
A very grainy image of yours truly in the dimmed spatial lighting. I got to wear a new dress!
When we arrived the bar was already full and it wasn’t long before the place filled up. There were easy smiles about and casual chatter, while chefs tossed ingredients at the grill and the manager showed us the cutest menus curled up as bound scrolls. 
The menus are written in both english and japanese.
Small plates and wooden chopsticks. 
We decided to order two cold dishes and a hot dish with a dessert. The first to arrive were the German sausages, neatly sliced and accompanied by a tongue tingling wasabi mustard.
We licked up every last bit of sauerkraut with the wasabi mustard. Very yummy and opened up the tastebuds.
Next came the much praised spicy tuna tataki, followed by the kingfish sashimi.
Not very spicy. But this dish was the highlight of every delicious food ever created in this world. The tuna absolutely melted in the mouth, juicy, succulent and dripping with the sweet sauce. I could have eaten the entire dish, and 4 more.
Long slivers of kingfish with a distinct Asian flavouring, peppered with sesame seeds and a light cabbage salad.  This was fresh with a lingering taste.
And dessert.
The icy cold apple millefeuille.  If you’re expecting a creamy pastry, this is not it. Instead expect thin apple slices layered with sweet fresh ice. 
Each dish was absolutely delicious. Although it was like an orgasm without a climax. We were astounded by the food and there weren’t enough on the tiny plates! Certainly though Izakaya Den is an experience to remember, just be sure to fill up beforehand….or order more than one of every dish.
We decided to pop over to the Canary Club in search of tidbits. 
I’ve previously been to the Canary Club and sampled their paella, which was large, filling and scrumptious, very comfort food. At night their bar was lit with candles and chandeliers, and upstairs I discovered leather divans with soft pillows. One wall was lined with a long couch and covered with paintings.
This time I’ve opted again for their Sherbet Apple cocktail which is the most amazing cocktail ever! A must have for the discerning drinker who likes sweet and sour with no sharp taste of alcohol. My friend opted for a citrus tangy drink, again very dry! We finished the night with a platter of chorizo,  chicken and beef kebabs. Tres cool.

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