Melbourne: city of parades

Well..protests really, but I’ve rarely seen violent protests on the streets on Melbourne, in fact the majority of them which had taken place the last 5 years have been peaceful, vigorous and chock-ful of excitement. I’ve really been quite surprised at the sense of active political awareness and camaraderie in Melbourne, people are very willing to speak out for what they believe in and being allowed to do so, something not quite the same in certain other parts of the world.
Last year the VCA (Victorian College of Arts) students took it upon themselves to stage a week long protest to defend their classes from being effectively phased out by the new Melbourne Model. A few days ago there was a march headed by some well known artists opposing the government’s restrictions on small music venues under liquor licensing laws. They were accompanied by what looked like thousands, with a band playing music across loudspeakers.

 The music parade protest

What a remarkable place and what remarkable people coming together. The people in this city has a spirit which makes Melbourne different, somewhat youthful and mellow with chutzpah. Isn’t it great =)

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