When I first came to Melbourne I laughed in disbelief as someone told me about Melbourne’s four seasons in a day. I soon retracted that, it’s absolutely no joke. Nowhere in any other city would it rain with blustery winds, pelt innocent passerbys with hailstones the size of fists and then clouds part away to become a hot summer day.
At the moment we’re still experiencing a very long summer. The days are intensely hot to the point that it just swelters and nothing can be done without feeling decidedly sick from heatstroke.
A week, two weeks (how the days pass quickly) ago without any warning large icy hailstones simply poured for a full fifteen minutes in the middle of the afternoon. All one could hear were the rapid thud-thud-thud of the stones and the city disappeared in a foggy mist. How scary, I was immensely glad I was safe at home!

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