LMFF: L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Week

It’s that time of the year again with Fashion Weeks across the major cities and Melbourne is no different. Festivities started on the 14th and already some interesting trends are showing up especially whimsical kooky designs the likes of Alice in Wonderland would be proud of.
Yesterday I caught one of the runways at Federation Square- Review presents ‘fun, flirty, feminine and fashionable in bold rose florals, chic laces, and sharp shoulder silhouettes in blush pinks, vibrant purples, jewelled teals and royal blues’. 

Excuse the off-focus. I arrived slightly late, and clambered up a raised platform while bumping (painfully) my knee at the same time, but it’s quite a good view! 
The deep vibrant teal has been quite popular last year, here it is paired with lace in two -just-brushing-the-knees dresses.
A quick peek at the crowd, all taking photos and rather subdued due to the heat but there were excited murmurs throughout the show and after. 
I really love the structured jacket (left second image). The black dress on the left of first image was the final piece, it’s too bad I couldn’t get near enough to catch the lace details.
Beautiful little open back dress on the right and large necklace piece. Too cute.
Final walk! While the show only lasted for half an hour it was still quite lovely to be there =)
For more information and to purchase tickets to LMFF, go to http://www.lmff.com.au/

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