New website and updates

I have finally gotten myself an official website to showcase my work. It’s lovely and I tinkered about it the whole day yesterday.

Click for official website

Featuring many new works from my latest shoots.
Thoughts and comments? All appreciated!

I’ve also uploaded a few photos (extras from the last weekend beauty shoot) onto Flickr, so there are some never before seen images!

5 thoughts on “New website and updates

  1. Nice site, impressive – but it takes too long to load… I took a closer look, it's because you have too many images in the first album it loads.My suggestion – create a "latest" album that has your best 5-10 latest images and load that one first… you want the viewer to be immediately impressed, quickly – I almost moved onto beauty before I realised fashion hadn't finished loading!!People will go looking if they want to see more – good job!!

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