Noodle soup with prawns

A quick easy and delicious fix for dinner especially for the hungry and slightly penniless photographer.


A bag of frozen prawns (can be substituted for meatballs)

Various vegetables (optional)

Two eggs

Two packets of instant noodle soup of choice (I suggest a hot and spicy ramen type variety)


First boil the prawns to defrost them and when suitably coloured, drain them and throw them into a frying pan/wok that has been heated up with sesame oil. Quickly fry up the prawns and remember not to go overboard or they’ll go rubbery. With meatballs you just defrost them and place them in the boiling soup with the noodles for about 2 mins.

Put a pot of water on the stove to boil, and open up the noodle packets, throw in the powder/soup base and then add the noodles. It’ll cook quickly, so throw in the prawns and optional vegetables to soak up the flavour and when you’re ready to serve, crack the eggs into the soup and stir it around. Voila, ready to serve.

About $10 for two persons/serves, and it’s yummy for especially cold days!

Disregard the face, he likes it!


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