The Divalicious Miss Teer

Miss Teer and I first worked together when I was newly starting out photographing models and she is one of the sweetest and vivacious person I know and a very lovely model.

Makeup and hair by Justine Bruers

In our first shoot I made her stick her lips in sugar, gave her goopy dripping glossy lip gloss to wear, have her put an entire muffin into her mouth, put fruit slices on her face and have her lie on a table as Justine and I sprinkled sugar over her face. I was going through a big ‘food theme’ and both Justine and I had a smashing time planning rather bizarre ideas and Teer smiled through it all, a full 6 hours or shoot? What a trooper!

Since then we’ve shot together a couple more times and Teer always brings a chockful of personality, cute shoes and hairspray! One of my favourite images came about not too long ago, we did a series of emotive portraits and hair flinging (always fun!) and I experimented with colour processes. Her freckles are just uberlicious.

Makeup and hair by Vanessa Bridgman

A few weeks ago Teer contacted me about shooting some new vintage lingerie she received, and she brought along Monique Gow (a makeup and hair stylist whom I’d previously worked with on Une Situation Etrange). We were influenced by very natural prettiness so we decided on soft curls and fairly clean makeup with a slight 1920s look. (warning nudity below)


And for fun~

Makeup and Hair by Monique Gow

Teer definitely isn’t the conventional plus size model, in fact she’s setting out to revolutionize and inform the world that curvy girls are in fact positively curvylicious, and she’s doing a heck of a great job. She’s the consummate professional and a beautiful person to work with so if anyone has the chance to shoot with her, ENJOY! And do pop by her page to show a little love =)

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