The Hamlet play reminded me of this lovely little understated shoot with Courtenay we did earlier this year. We have worked together a fair few times now, she is the star of our Boy Meets Girl androgyny editorial (one of my favourite images came from there), and she bakes the most awesomenest cookies.

For this particular shoot we decided on her place for a series of geek chic looks and beauty editorial involving water in her bathtub. At the same time Courtenay purchased some adorable little goldfishes (we wouldn’t have guessed that this would be the start of our animals in shoots fascination 😉 ) So we shot our version of fair and tragic Ophelia:-

Courtenay bravely submerged herself and her white dress into the cold water, taking care to not accidentally squish the fishes. It was so terrible hard herding the little fishes to the right side, they insisted on staying near the end of the tub near her feet!

I used my Canon 100d with the (then new) 50mm1.8 lens and natural light. The downside was I couldn’t really take a full body shot at this length, at the time I was precariously perched on the edge of the tabletop trying not to fall in! Courtenay is a dream to shoot though, her skin is absolutely gorgeous in the light.

Super thanks to Courtenay’s family for putting up with us making such a mess and I can’t wait till our next shoot!

Courtenay is currently signed to Maverick Model Management.

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