Okra and Prawn Curry

I was inspired by the Indian theme on Masterchef (for overseas readers, Masterchef is an Australian reality tv show where amateur cooks go through challenges of becoming a master chef…..) and so I cooked up my version of the okra and prawn curry! I rolled up my sleeves and get all my ingredients out.


Curry paste and spices, bowl of okra, bowl of prawns with shells and heads intact, a tomato, coconut milk and rice.

Okra is a bit of a weird vegetable but it does taste very nice. Back home we call them lady fingers, not quite sure why. They have a slight furry exterior and a rather slimy interior, takes a little getting used to if you haven’t grown up eating it! Pour some oil in a pot and put in the paste and spices to cook, and 2 cups of rice with equal parts water in the rice cooker. Be careful not to let the paste and spices burn, and pour in a cup of coconut milk to thicken, bring to boil and pour in diced tomato and the okra (chop off the hard heads of the okras and a slice in the body so that it’ll soak up the juices), stir and let simmer under a lid. Peel the legs and bodies off the prawns while retaining the tails and heads, throw the prawns into the curry and let simmer under lid. When it looks about ready, add salt and sugar to taste, serve on a bed of rice.

The curry happy in the pot.

Dish up!

Turned out pretty nice actually. I was sorta worried that it wasn’t a vibrant red that the curry was -suppose- to be and it tasted a little more coconutty than usual but overall the okra and prawns and rice was good together. I still prefer my grandmother’s curry but hey, living alone on a student budget, this is still rather cool.

I’ll leave you all with a picture taken of the Melbourne skyline during sunset a few nights ago. The colours are amazing, and today we had flashes of pink….how wonderful.

2 thoughts on “Okra and Prawn Curry

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