New Glasses New Outfit

Last year I had to pick out a new pair of spectacles. I have been wearing glasses since I was about 8 and for good or bad it has become a big part of me. Admittedly sometimes I hide behind them and it’s only been a few years that I started thinking of them as fashionable than merely utilitarian!

I went with an Armani black rimmed frame with copper sides and it has been sitting in its neat little case until today.  About time for a switch as my old pair has been getting rather battered and scratched. I do miss it however.

This new one is all clean and and scratch free and suddenly I can see well again without squinting. Yes that is a cell phone photo. It’s alright- I do not have to resort to the dslr all the time 😉

I’m also wearing my awesome Christmas present sweater, first seen in Blue Summers. It is of an absolutely luscious cashmere with an open back= utter love. I paired it off with a loose cotton top and dark jeans. Can’t wait to wear it again!

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