My first print portfolio

I’ve been so incredibly excited ever since finding out I’ve won one of BlueCube Imaging‘s free portfolios. People on Model Mayhem have raved about how spectacular his prints are, and when they arrived yesterday I have to absolutely agree! The delivery person rang the bell early in the morning and in my rush to get down I tumbled over and bumped my head, but it’s worth it.

Packaged snugly in a neat box

I was able to choose 20 pieces of my work (11×14 on matte paper) and Brent (the person behind BlueCube) included 6 metallic prints too! They were absolutely gorgeous and of a smooth heavy texture.

The unveiling

Awhile back I talked about portfolios (the actual book itself) and now it was finally time to make a decision to choose a suitable cover for these lovely new prints. Off I went to Zetta Florence. I had previously been there just to take a look and ended up staying for over two hours! This time I walked in and picked up a brand new Vista Mist. The Pina Zangaro line seems to have been taken off the Zetta Florence website, but they still have the portfolios on display.

Laying out the prints

The colours are absolutely beautiful and spot on. Look at me, I’m gushing over my own work! I can’t believe how lovely it looks actually printed out as opposed to just being on the computer.

Finally, the layout has been chosen, the prints have been inserted and my brand new book is complete! Here’s a little video of how it all looks =D

Listening to Glee in the background

Brent hosts these contests every once in awhile as a way to help out new photographers and given the awesome talent out there I am incredibly amazed and humbled by the people who would see potential in me and my work. Thank you to everyone who’ve supported me, most of you are strangers from across the world, but I’ve always appreciated every kind word and constructive critique, and especially to the creatives and models who’ve worked with me and been involved in every kooky idea, you are the best 😉

I cannot be where I am and where I am going in my journey without all of you.

Happy with my book =^^=


9 thoughts on “My first print portfolio

  1. Oh honey it looks deeeeeeelish! Hello me in there I’m so honored you have that shot in your print folio!!!!

    Loving the prints too I’m thinking about getting one of these books myself I’ll have to go see the site.


    1. it’s one of my favourite images! I couldn’t really decide between this and all the other ones we did =D
      thank you so much for shooting with me.
      Zetta florence dont have the range on their website anymore but you can take a quick trip to brunswick and check it out- they’re even having a sale atm as long as you’re not looking for 11×14, and there’s a whole host of different covers!

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