Spotlight on Aimee:- Scarf Beauty Shoot

Earlier this year I worked with a new model signed to Mod for a mini beauty story involving scarfs. I just absolutely love a classic, beautiful, clean beauty shoot added with lots of spicy colors. Who wouldn’t love bold bright prints?

Aimee is one of the youngest models I’ve shot but she was very professional, calm and collected and have amazing skin. The fabulous makeup artist who rocked the shoot is Zoe Karlis who trained in London and came to Australia.

Behind the scenes during makeup.

The stylist canceled in the morning so I grabbed every scarf in my disposal. Luckily I had recently found a beautiful print from the local Salvos which became the mainstay of the shoot!

Look at that wing tip liner!

Goes to show that it pays to be ready (and shop every once in awhile). I do have a thing for scarves though, they are such easy and fun accessories!

Eyebrows=love. And how sensational is that lip tint? Ms. Karlis is another one of those artists I adore who can highlight beautiful smooth skin and create something lovely with a minimal approach.

This series was done with one light high to the right. As I use standard work-lights which can be unwieldy at the best of times I was really pleased which how the lighting came out. Took about a half day, even more pleased! So it was a cute little shoot that was really pleasant especially when working with people who makes it easy to enjoy it!

Aimee @ Mod Management

Makeup Artist/ Zoe Karlis

Photography/ S de Varax

Assistant/ Vlad K


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