New Zealand Natural’s Doughnuts

I met up with Sarah the other day for a much needed break and something to satisfy our sweet tooth. After some cream puffs from Puffy (a chocolate for her, a mango sorbet for me), we eyed the nearby doughnuts glimmering quite seductively from the New Zealand Natural section. Best decision ever. I brought home a succulent fluffy soft and creamy black forest doughnut filled with chocolate cream and positively melted with each mouthful. Too bad Vlad ate half of it.

So today I trooped back and got six more donuts. It’s winter, I’m sure extra calories goes towards warming us up 😉

Vlad tried the Lamington and a custard filled one. His verdict:- ‘I prefer Krispy Kreme’. I had one of their new creations, a jam filled doughnut with chocolate and sprinkle topping (quite yummy especially when you hit the strawberry jam), a cinnamon sugar (little bit dry but nice), and another of the Black Forest (all pictured below)

mmm…doughy delights

Paired with some luscious hot chocolate, this is the perfect treat for a really cold day.

Now for a blanket and a really good book. Perfection.

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