Ghost Story: The Shoot

Ghost Story was the second ever editorial I ever shot and the first involving a design collection. Joseph Jang is a young talented aspiring couturier coming from Central Saint Martins, the fashion school based in London. I seem to have an affinity for people coming from Britain, quite strange and wonderful.

When I first saw his debut collection Cygne, I knew I had to shoot it. Those pieces were remarkably intricate and textured and gloriously pink. There’s no denying their utter femininity. Thus Ghost Story was born; ephemeral and light, the story of dreams and obscurity and faded illusions.

The logistics for this particular shoot was intense. I needed a location that would provide a perfect backdrop for the gorgeous clothes as well have the right lighting conditions,and we ended up sneaking into university to shoot. Joining us were Anke Hansen, makeup and hair stylist extraordinaire, Rebecca G from Scene and Kat L the lovely models, and Vlad, my super assistant.

Hair and makeup for the two girls took around 3+ hours. Anke is beyond awesome especially when she works the hair! Here she is with Kat.

Rebecca is having a light doze =)

Joseph, our young designer.

We bought some balloons on the way to the location. They’re so pretty! I definitely have to do another shoot with balloons.

Here we are getting prepared to shoot the first looks.

This was my first time working with everyone (except for Vlad, he’s always around), and it was so fabulous! The girls were rocking the 6 looks, quickly interpreting my vague directions while Anke was attentive, always stepping in quietly to fix hair and makeup while I change camera settings. I love awesome people. We stayed for a fair few hours and were left quite alone (except for a few wanderers) to explore every nook and cranny and get some great window light. At one point we were all piled up around the staircase while I angled for a shot while lying on the floor and some important looking people passed by. Apparently there was a conference on! Cue creeping by on tip toes! I really wished there were more behind the scenes photos because some of the stuff we were up to are quite hilarious. Oh well.

Here are some of the results. Enjoy 😉

Makeup and Hair by Anke Hansen

Models Rebecca G from Scene and Kat L

Designer and Stylist Joseph Jang

Photography by S de Varax

Assistant Vlad K


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