Vietnam:- Cu Chi

While at Ho Chi Minh we also did a day trip to Cu Chi, a village and historical site which was preserved from the war and also the location of an impressive network of Viet Cong tunnels. I was not really sure what my reaction would be when we arrived to such a place which … More Vietnam:- Cu Chi


After exams I went on a short trip to Vietnam to have a break. Previously I’ve been to Myanmar and Thailand, both great and very gorgeous countries, but Vietnam has always had that alluring feel to it being used to french colonial rule and the subject of such historical devastation. We touched down in the … More Vietnam


It’s cold and raining and grumpy. There’s really nothing more depressing than getting whacked in the face with an umbrella belonging to someone else while you fumble with your gloves and get rained on while it’s absolutely freezing and you feel your bones are creaking. Worse still when you’re sick and the doctors have no … More Winter