It’s cold and raining and grumpy. There’s really nothing more depressing than getting whacked in the face with an umbrella belonging to someone else while you fumble with your gloves and get rained on while it’s absolutely freezing and you feel your bones are creaking. Worse still when you’re sick and the doctors have no clue what’s wrong with you.

I’ve just returned to Melbourne and it hasn’t been the best of days. Recuperating or attempting to, from many weeks of seeing doctors and getting tested and swallowing pills and now introduced to yet more pills and the fear that this would continue for months to come while I’m alone and weak and vulnerable.

But there have been some rare brief spots of sunshine and being introduced to Melbourne’s beautifully eclectic art scene in Winter. At least today it chose to rain in the afternoon so I decided that a nice little pick me up was to venture out in a skirt. So here’s a new self portrait.

Camisole by Target

Sweater and Skirt by Zara

Scarf and Bag bought in Thailand

Coat by Comptoir des Contonniers

Parfum by Bvlgari

Unseen- Stockings and Boots from Myers

And a new hairstyle too. I miss home.

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