Melbourne’s Culture

Early in August my dad popped by for a visit and that gave us a chance to explore Melbourne’s vast cultural pickings. We first went to the Tim Burton’s Exhibition (my insistence) which purports to showcase over 700 of Burton’s personal works including ‘paintings, drawings, puppets, costumes, storyboards and film’. It was a little of a disappointment to be honest considering I love his films and expected to be over-awed, however I did adore the many model figures of his characters right up to little itsy bitty details especially the multiple expression-ful heads of Jack from nightmare before Christmas. It was also interesting to chart the progression of Burton’s inspiration and development of his characters and storylines which can be noted very early on. I was quite surprised too that Burton dappled in photography- a collection of his Polaroids could be found in a small adjunct gallery which we very nearly missed.
The Tim Burton Exhibition is held at the ACMI Building from 24th June to 10th October.

Next we fastidiously found our way to the well hidden Heide Museum in Heidelburg which had on display a wide variety of work from local and international artists including a musical installation, photographic works and modern art. I was impressed by the hauntingly beautiful photographs by Carol Jerrems- warning nudity below:-

Photographer: Carol Jerrems

The Carol Jerrems Up Close exhibit will be on till 31st October so there is still plenty of time to catch it, among the other lovely works on display at Heide. These were just a couple of the things we managed to catch in Melbourne and there’s absolutely plenty more to whet your cultural appetite on.

4 thoughts on “Melbourne’s Culture

  1. Envy. I wanted to see Tim Burton’s exhibit when it was in New York, but was never close enough. Next best thing I bought the book from the exhibit. Awesome and inspiring. It and you reinforce the knowledge of how much I really missed in not getting to the actual show.

    Love your work.


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