Spotlight on Rosa- Du Jour Millinery Photoshoot

I started speaking with a millinery designer- Nikolina of Nikolina Concepts, a beautifully young creative woman who creates some amazingly structural hat designs, so together with Sarah Baxter (makeup and hair artist extraordinaire) and Rosa from Cameron’s Models we pulled together Du Jour.

Rosa has one of the most beautiful skin tones I’ve ever seen and I was quite excited to be working with her. She also had a very cool natural afro but because we were working with hats she had to straighten it out. A very lovely quiet girl with a youthful face, she soon became accustomed to the concept and championed throughout the shoot.

Makeup and Hair by Sarah Baxter

Model Rosa from Camerons

Designers Nikolina from Nikolina Concepts and Airdrie Makim from Joolz

Photography and styling by S de Varax

Assisted by Vlad K

Special thanks to Airdrie and Courtenay B for providing some awesome accessories to complement the story!

End of shoot snap!

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