Zhang Jingna

I first came across Zhang Jingna aka Zemotion’s works on deviantart about four years ago. She was a young photographer residing in Singapore and producing achingly stunning and very graceful photographs.

At that time, photography to me was what other people were good at, something I couldn’t understand and probably wouldn’t be able to figure out. I wrote stories and I drew and I was pretty contented…but there was always this ‘what if’.

Then two years ago someone thoughtfully handed me a camera and I was drawn again into Jingna’s photography. I was inspired by how she used her work as her voice and it presented something that was better, something that was beautiful and possible out there. I was feeling lost at what I was doing and photography gave me a sense of purpose again, it brought smiles and dispelled the anxiety, the moroseness and sense of loneliness.


To this day Jingna remains one of my foremost inspirational person, both in career and life. She went out and did something she loved, no matter how scary or disheartening, with something I would have never considered to be possible for myself. She embodied the spirit of a young woman, one who is brave and true to herself, who works hard and is a success because of it, and every time she produces something new it strengthens my resolve to be as happy as I can and to keep on going.

Photos source: zhangjingna.com

Who inspires you?


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