A belated Christmas and New Years

I spent my first Christmas in Melbourne alone, having a quiet movie night with the cat. Usually I’d be back home with the family but it wasn’t possible this time around but I was still quite content to snag a few sale specials here, catch up with readings and watch some lovely new films.

Of note, Aronofsky’s Black Swan is both moving and haunting, following the ascendancy and destruction of a young ballerina who slowly loses her grip on sanity as she attempts perfection. One of my favourite actresses Natalie Portman stars in this fragile psychological tale, and while I thought her performance in V for Vendetta was en par excellence compared to this movie, it was still enjoyable to watch her engage in this role.

I couldn’t help but admire her natural beauty in the movie, I kept thinking how lovely would it be to have her in front of my camera. None of the film stills really do her justice. Costume and makeup however should be given a resounding applause especially for the last scene when she transforms. It was seamless!

I am looking forward to catching the movie adaptation of one of my favourite ever stories- Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro which is utterly achingly beautiful. It is also irrepressibly sad, so tissues on the ready.

Meanwhile I may have gone a wee overboard sampling the offerings from the local city library (which allows you to borrow up to 50 books for three weeks). I’m glad to say I’ve finally started reading Sandman, what gorgeous artwork! I reread the majority of the Ender books by Orson Scott Card (still brilliant) and have started picking through Terry Prachett’s Discworld books although they turned out to not be as humorous as I thought they’d be.

In terms of traveling, I’ve been able to widen my experience of Victoria by visiting the Dandenongs (and climbing up and down 1000 steps!) and the Grampians (breathtaking views) and had my first taste of crocodile and emu.

New years was spent at the beach, watching multiple fireworks in the far distance. I have been using my toy film camera but yet to process the film, so they’ll be uploaded when possible. Meanwhile I shall leave you all with a few self portraits of my christmas goodies.

An Agatha watch from dad, and an Ellery scarf courtesy of Style Melbourne

Le Temps Chanel from dad

A Forever New rosette clutch also from Style Melbourne (Thanks Sarah!) I am also wearing some makeup gifted from a friend back home.

I hope your Christmases and New Years were fantabulously awesome, and to my friends all over the world, much hugs!



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