LMFF Makeup and Hair Trials 2011

L’oreal Melbourne Fashion week trends are following right on the heels of Parisienne runways, opting for clean wearable looks that are elegant and doable. The emphasis is on very blended and contoured faces with colors in golds, bronzes and beiges, explained L’oreal makeup director Rae Morris, as well as feminine colors in pinks and reds. Hairs are slicked back, let down or presented in beachy tresses, therefore very casual yet chic.

Such a pleasure to see actual L’oreal products being used!

Makeup artist extraordinaire Rae Morris looking effortless and smiling despite the whirlwind that is LMFF preparations.

One of the highlights, a golden smokey eye with shaken out tresses pinned to the side.

Beautiful skin a must!

Rae seen here adding final touch ups.

More photos can be seen at Style Melbourne.

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