Modeling 101

Modeling is so much more than about standing there and looking pretty. It’s really important to know the entire body and be able to move from top to toe and express those subtle (or not so subtle) nuances that take that pretty girl in front of the camera to fashion model.

Here are a few videos of some of my favourite models to watch, doing their work:-

Coco Rocha for Harper’s Bazaar. She is queen of beautiful movements. I highly suggest googling all her behind the scenes videos because she is simply amazing.

Abbey Lee Kershaw for Vogue. This Aussie top model makes everything look effortless.

Miranda Kerr for Elle. She definitely knows how to turn up the sensuality while still bringing it fashion forward.

Lara Stone for Interview. I thought this video was interesting because models do have to make everything and anything look good, and here Lara is working with a lot of tight latex and unusual materials and exposed body parts and she is stunning.

So it definitely takes a lot of work and effort to do what these girls do. In the meantime have fun watching 😉

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