Double the fun

Last September I had a weekend packed full of gorgeous models from Scene. Both beauty stories have since been published on Pulp Magazine, mighty happy with that!

Day 1 started bright and early with the arrival of Sarah Baxter (my darling makeup and hair artist), Airdrie Makim (designer of fabulous jewelery turn stylist) and models Jaimee and Laura, fresh and lovely and gorgeous. We were embarking on a story focusing on sunglasses and Airdrie brought by some utterly stunning pieces from Morrisey and Flint. I loved how naturally the girls moved including to directions such as ‘pretend you’re a new yorker’,  ‘you’re too cool for school’, ‘roar like a lion’. Sarah rose to the challenge of creating all the hairstyles herself as well as flawless makeup, love this girl!

Styling by Airdrie Makim

Makeup and Hair by Sarah Baxter

Models Jaimee and Laura @ Scene

Looking chic ?


Day 2. Our team for the day was Sarah (makeup), Adlena Dingnam (hair) and twins Tierney and Maddison with quintessential long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I was so excited to be shooting twins, and mixing up names! My lesson of the day was watching how absolutely professional dear Adlena was, who despite being sick and in pain, still showed up and rocked a full day shoot. She is so utterly lovely and I believe currently blazing through London, you lucky British people! This time the focus was on nude colour palette and clean looks with stylistic hair.

Hair by Adlena Dingnam

Makeup by Sarah Baxter

Models Tierney and Maddison @ Scene

Adlena working on creating volume

Happy smiles all around!


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