Winter is coming, yet another end of the era?

It seems we were due for another shocking change in the industry as amidst anti Semitic charges, John Galliano was dismissed from the House of Dior as head designer. He was filmed at a cafe sprouting unseemly remarks to a few women and rumours abounded that this was not the first time the ultra flamboyant designer had done so. Whatever the case his genius and extravagance will be missed.

He was conspicuously missing from both the Dior showing at Paris Fashion Week as well as his own collection presentation. Nevertheless his designs are testament to be all Galliano, very french romantique and playing with fabrics.

I want this jacket.

A maxi lace teddy anyone?

Tres mignon et chic

Source: fashiongonerogue

In the mean time I’ve very excited for LMFF 2011.

Update: Ricardo Tisci (Givenchy) has been confirmed to replace Galliano at Dior. Well this will be interesting.


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