Born Again- Cover and Feature Editorial for W25

When I got the magazine in the mail and saw the image staring out at me from the front page, can you imagine how ecstatic I was? The shoot itself took a year from planning to completion. I would wake up at night to jot down details and when we finally shot it, what a breathe of freedom! Here’s a look at the editorial and behind the scenes with the gorgeous Anke Hansen who delivered brilliant hair and makeup, with fantastic models Amberlie and Monika from Chadwick.

Anke handmade and styled all the hair from scratch. This woman is so absolutely phenomenal and such a perfectionist, it’s great working with an artist of such capability. I also had the immense pleasure of speaking with the bookers at Chadwick and shooting two wonderful young ladies who are professional and beautiful and rose to the occasion while I waved my arms around describing the concept. We shot over two days and here are the results:

Currently in the midst of planning some major editorials, definitely looking forward ot them! 😉

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