Hot stuff

We are having a pseudo-Winter with a rainy Spring vibe going on which means layering and dresses with stockings. Always a favourite. I always talk about the weather because in Melbourne it is very easy to wear too little or too much or get caught in a downpour and then no one is happy. Every … More Hot stuff

BTS: Melt with Ana K, Kaye W and Justine Bruers

I’ve worked with model Ana Kingsley previously on the Couleur Beauty shoot and was quite happy when she approached me with a new beauty concept. In fact I love it when models (and other creatives) come with ideas- particularly those that do not involve the words fierce, high fashion, dark and edgy, graffiti, and under … More BTS: Melt with Ana K, Kaye W and Justine Bruers

The good things in life

Friends. Good Food. Laughter. Sometimes it is very easy. A small get together with people you like, or a big get together where everyone cooks and get into one another’s way and spilling vegetables and brewing tea and trying to flip an overcooked tarte tatin. Brilliant.