BTS: Melt with Ana K, Kaye W and Justine Bruers

I’ve worked with model Ana Kingsley previously on the Couleur Beauty shoot and was quite happy when she approached me with a new beauty concept. In fact I love it when models (and other creatives) come with ideas- particularly those that do not involve the words fierce, high fashion, dark and edgy, graffiti, and under water. Collaborating again with the very luscious makeup artist Justine Bruers, we also brought in Kaye Waterhouse; very tall, very beautiful and a rocking model.

Equipment needed: framed glass and lots of colorful candles.

Things to watch out for: flames, burnt fingers and a overzealous over happy Justine being distracted with melting max.

Anna L acted as assistant again; brewing tea, dripping candles and taking behind the scene photos. Enjoy.

Cake and cupcakes are obviously a very important part of any shoot. So are semi-naked models with panda hats.

I’ve just finished a bunch of August shoots, stay tuned!


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