MSFW 2011 Real Model Search

It’s that time of year again, Spring Fashion Week has come to Melbourne! Little bit chilly, promising to rain but fashionistas galore are stepping out in their delicious heels and runway worthy outfits. My MSFW kicked off with Search for a Model Finals at City Square where ‘real life’ women take to the runway for a chance to walk for designers and get repped by Chadwick Models.

I found myself sitting next to MSFW face Sophie Van Der Akker at the photographers’ pit, only recognising her after continuously glancing at the gigantic banners with her on it. I said hello. She said hello. I forgot to ask for a photo. So I made do with taking a photo of her image. Silly me.

These women and a few men are absolutely rocking it, full of confidence and beaming smiles. They looked like they were having fun which is the whole point of the matter! I loved how great they looked in their jeans, goodness knows I can never find a pair which fits well!

Congrats to the winners, but also congrats to all who entered and walked the runway, you looked absolutely fabulous!

More photos at

Catch me at the next MSFW event 😉

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