MSFW 2011 Young Republic Parade

Online site Young Republic made their debut in Australia (or was it Melbourne?) by hosting a runway of young, talented and emerging designers as part of MSFW. It was a very cosy affair, taking place at Baroq House (great interior design!) with plenty of hip fashionable guests.

We saw the likes of Coelho, Pine Lime, El Amuleto, Banjara Jewellery, Accompany by Imagery, Monolog, Angie L Designs, Inspektor, Elgar & Lyle and Denise SL Spalk with very unique pieces and some on trend accessories (including this bold gold metal cuff I’m dying to have!). Have a look:-

Spotted Ana K walking- she’s been involved in a couple of editorial projects of mine so no doubt you’ll be seeing our work together. Also bumped into Everyonescelebrity‘s Thom Whilton and Lisa Teh of stylusmuse. And how gorgeous is that Denise Spalk hot red dress? Love the way it flows.

It was also great meeting some of the designers afterwards. Too bad more than half were missing from the meet and greet room, very much rejoicing and saying hello to everyone back at the party.

Much more of MSFW to come!

More photos at


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