MSFW Designer Series 3 Enjoy

Designer Series 3 of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week brings you a list of enjoyable fashion in the likes of party attire, swimwear and resort wear by Alexi Freeman, Autonomy, Bettina Liano, Jack London, Leopold, Ristefsky Macheda, Thom Finch and White Suede. This show focuses on the occasionally neglected male fashionistos and provides more than adequate eye-candy for the rest of us.

How stunning was the stage. Absolutely gorgeous.

My editor described this as lingerie for boys- by Marcheda. I concur. Lingerie is meant to be seen. 😉

Bettina Liano reminds us that Spring is coming and meant to be celebrated in spectacular colours. Her bold garments are neon-tastic.

Alexi Freeman- I want that dress and I want that jacket. Enough said.

Autonomy presents choices for men who prefer to relax but look good at the same time. The third model there reminded me ofAndrew Garfield in Never Let Me Go. Just a thought.

I can see the appeal of Jack London, carefully tailored, smart dressing. Men everywhere, take note- waistcoats are gorgeous.

Thom Finch was one of my favourite of the night- easy and flattering to every shape, loved the collection.

Very glad Leopold presented a pop of red in the collection- though I love the new trend colour of burnt yellows and oranges, nothing beats a beautiful red.

White Suede was one of the more exciting presentations- with clean clear visors and those gorgeous summer shoes. The first dress is a big keeper and those pants!

I always love shooting the shows. Here are a few of my favourite shots.

Look at the models strutting their stuff and enjoying it- MSFW face Sophie, Kate Peck with lime green hair and Dan B (whom I shot recently for an editorial) in that lovely pink blazer.

And with that goodnight, til the next post!

More photos at


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