MSFW Mimco

My friends always joke around that this is my fashion label- Mimco, Mim Co, Mim Company, see? Ha, I wish =)

I had the chance to shoot Mimco’s showing at City Square as part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and was very pleasantly surprised by how many pieces I really liked and would love in my wardrobe. Reading Fashionising’s Daniel editorial on the ‘curated wardrobe‘ and being inspired by accounts on how accessories can really liven up an outfit and bring your personality forward (particularly through the stylings of Lady Melbourne) these days I pay attention to finding gorgeous statement pieces that will keep through the years.

Here are a few of my favourites from Mimco.

Adore the orange shoulder bag and the red clutch. They add a great dash of colour to any outfit especially since I seem to be in black most of the time!

Some great accessories and a great group of girls here. This ended up being quite a lovely little evening- with a dessert platter at Hyatt. Awesomeness.

More photos at


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