SdV got her cards!

Running around like a chook during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and not having cards on you for means of contact is a perfect faux-pas. I finally stopped stalling and decided to order some mini-cards from Moo, a British based print company which specializes in small runs and offering some fantastic new ways of marketing yourself. They also offer to print up to 100 different designs so in effect you get a mini portfolio on the run!

Why mini-cards and not the traditional full sized ones?

Because they’re tiny, fun and fabulous like I am 😉

I like being able to offer a teaser of what I do with my details on the back. Also given most people tend to throw away or lose cards- these mini ones make for great keepsakes such as a bookmark.

When they finally arrived, packaged securely in ultra minimalistic with a hint of color boxes, I was so excited!

All of my favourite work on there. The quality is great, matching up to the comments of other industry creatives I’ve spoken with. It was also really easy to upload and make any changes needed via the website. I could play around until I was fully satisfied which is important to a perfectionist nut like me!

Cute isn’t it? =) Oh happy days!

For those interested in purchasing your very own Moo cards or other print materials, please contact me at for a referral code for 10% off your first purchase 😉

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