BTS Video- Desperate in Suburbia

Who knew creating a video would be this much fun? Thank you IMovie!

We embarked on a fashion editorial shoot somewhere in the wilderness of Kew, filled with whitewashed houses and carefully articulated shrubs. I love suburbs….they’re so markedly different from the city, like a living breathing organism resting outside waiting to envelope all the noise and dust and spit out pretty fences and rose bushes.

The day started with me being utterly stressed out, panicking on the train, assistants staring at me like I’ve gone bonkers, lots of cute adorable puppies who turn out to be modelesque in their own right, a ton of muffins, and then relief. It’s great when things turn out to be awesome- I always think the world is ending and why oh why did I ever churn out such a mad cap idea. What helps- a team of ridiculously awesome people.


Photographer Shamim de Varax @
Stylist Airdrie Makim
Makeup Justine Bruers
Hair Justine Bruers and Vanessa Jane
Models Olivia and Jemma @ Giant
Assistants Anna L and Ashley N

More videos needed….definitely.


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