A spot of wall art

I’m not big into decorating, mainly because most places I’ve stayed at haven’t felt like home. Even the house I lived in for 14 years I wasn’t allowed to touch, or even choose the wall colour (I was however allowed to choose the bathroom colour, a lovely salmon pink) My Melbourne apartment is reaching its … More A spot of wall art


The crazy things photographers do after photo-shoots. Just because. ASOS blouse and boots, PAIGE FLYNN skorts, MYERS stockings. Look Ma- I’m jumping! Photo taken by the lovely Anna Liu.

Crazy Faces

Rocking a fuchsia lip! My new favourite thing- bright coloured lipsticks, makes everything feel so happy. A great little lip brush is fantastic for getting everything in place, no colorful smears across the face! And oh it feels so good to take self portraits again, I can be all goofy and silly. Hee.