A spot of wall art

I’m not big into decorating, mainly because most places I’ve stayed at haven’t felt like home. Even the house I lived in for 14 years I wasn’t allowed to touch, or even choose the wall colour (I was however allowed to choose the bathroom colour, a lovely salmon pink)

My Melbourne apartment is reaching its fourth year. For the most part it is white, black with a spot of orange with clinical lights and even more clinical objects. In April I got into gear and did this, which has expanded a little and gotten a fair few positive comments. Then I ran into this blog, a humourous, insightful account by a young architect artist living in Shanghai, whose street art is so inspiring I immediately went ‘holy cr*p have I been living under a rock??’.

A few days later I dragged my friend Anna along and from this post, I did this

which lead to

and voila

My own room with its sakura (branches) and paper flowers. Thank you Hong Yi for such a pretty concept, and to Anna for all your help =)

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