2011 had been a really difficult year. It marked the end of a very long and arduous 6 year law/arts degree, a year filled with thoughts of the future, about careers and goals and the purpose of life. It marked the recovery of my health after being physically ill and the return to medication with the realization that it is alright to get help. I finished my four year position as publicity director at the go club, having made many firm and some very close friends. My love for photography grew notwithstanding the setbacks and disappointments and aggravating situations, I learned to be more confident, more self assured and happier with myself. I now appreciate food, looking forward to dinner dates and cook outs at my apartment. The relationship with my family has grown slightly less fraught, I learned to negotiate and speak my mind and be less quick to anger. I decorated the apartment, it now feels more like home. I went to Laos, climbing into little boats, accidentally biting into a voracious chili and did not get kidnapped. i joined the gym and sort of enjoy going. There is no more fast food in the diet, no kfc or burgers and a drastic cut down on soda. I went up on a helicopter. Sang my heart out at karaoke. Still getting scratched by the cat.

So what awaits in 2012? Traveling to exciting new lands. Meeting wonderful people. Creating more photographic work. Starting legal training. Finding work. Growing up. Teaching Sammy to be nicer. Seeing foreign films. Dreaming about bigger and better things and achieving them. Learning to be at peace.

There is so much out there to be discovered and explored and yearned for. I can’t wait =)

Thank you to all the very lovely people who have supported me on my journey thus far. You have been invaluable, irreplaceable and I am so lucky to know you, and continue to do so. Here’s to 2012.


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