Eurotrip: Paris 2012

Better late than never! My fantastical eurotrip kicked off from Singapore to the brilliant city of Paris. I have half the family residing there so it’s great to see everyone again, the last time was FIVE years ago! Ah Paris… city of lights, my city of dreams!

And it seems as if nothing has changed. The streets and buildings have stayed the same, the people are older but the same too! Fashionable, always in a rush as if the clock is going tick tock tic tock and the weight of the world on their slim Chanel covered shoulders.

And the food, I can die happily, fat and satiated on French bread and butter and of course my favourite crepes. The ingredients are always fresh, true to flavours and absolutely delicious.

Enjoy the photos my lovelies! Hope you share in my delight with this wonderful place. I always wish I could move here but beloved Melbourne calls!

Next up, Venice!

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