Eurotrip: Venice 2012

Oh how long have I waited to go to Venice! This famed city of the canals have been on my HG travel list for the longest of times. The stories, the romanticism, it sparks a young girl’s imagination indeed.

The boat ride from the airport to the city was lovely and cold, wind playing across my skin. The city is nestled across several islands, buildings tottering above the water in multicoloured hues.

It is a peculiar city, crumbling and decaying, clinging tenaciously to its lineage. A ghost of its past my father remarked. I wished I could’ve seen Venice as it was 20 years ago, unravaged by the tourism and the cheap thrills attached to such an industry.

So charming though. Such style and intricacies in everything. I  love being able to peer in through windows and marvel at all the lovely things inside. Stepping through lane-ways between stone brick walls, hearing the waves crash against the piers ringing the city. And while it is fantastic to be with my papa, I kind of wished a special someone would be with me. Perhaps another time 😉

Until later dearies!


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