Eurotrip: Belgium 2012

So Belgium is the first stop in the first loop of my ‘let’s be independent and explore Europe’ trip. The first loop is all the idea of my traveler partner and the response to my initial balk was ‘Belgian chocolates, Belgian waffles, Belgian mussels and Belgian beer’. Right, so off we go!

First stop was Bruges, a seriously quaint pretty little town. Upon arrival by train, we had no idea where to go or where to find the town center so we chose a random direction and set off. Good thing it was sort of the right direction!

Not a grand adventure to start off with, but rather a meandering uphill walk. Bruges is very pretty though, with an easy atmosphere and friendly people. It wasn’t difficult to see all the sights and grab some good food within a day before retiring to one of the many wonderful bed and breakfasts situated around.

I did feel really bad for dining on that delicious fatty duck confit because all its little duck cousins were waiting outside looking cute….and delicious.

Oh, and one of the best discoveries is this:-

This dark wobbly jelly like fruity syrup, scooped and stirred into yoghurt. It is stunning, it is yummy, and I need to find this in Australia.

Onwards to Brussels for an afternoon, for ostentatious buildings, comic book stores and over-stuffing with sweet confections.

It was all a bit silly really. Where to next? Stay tuned!

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