Eurotrip: Amsterdam 2012

Amsterdam! The last time I was in this windy phallic monument-filled city I was 17/18 years old on a trip for THIMUN. I remember everything being really pretty at night and the ladies of the night sitting like dolls in their windows and laughing at some of the boys in our group. This time around we arrived late and at night and grumpy and grouchy and got lost and finally checked in to our hostel- Da Vinci (which is pretty cool with random paintings all over the place)….and it appears getting lost was a particular charm of this city. Oh, as well as the ever present fog of marijuana hanging in the air.

I didn’t quite fall in love with Amsterdam as I would want to, but it’s quite a laid back little place, and reminded me so much of Melbourne. My travel partner in crime on the other hand was absolutely happy- can anyone guess why? Yes……. I didn’t indulge but I was subjected to the after effects. Humph.

And here is me looking quite bemused:-

Up next…..unexpected Berlin!

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