Eurotrip: Berlin 2012

Berlin took about 6 hours to get to, it was AGES. We were on the Eurail system and just took the train, and it’s a good thing I easily curl up anywhere and go to sleep! It’s interesting to see Berlin, a melding of a city still in recovery and the rise of youthful exuberance to reclaim pride and culture. Germany has been the nexus of my World War 2 history major, so I definitely have mixed emotions.

Sense of eclectic art present throughout the city which is really like a conglomeration of multiple cities stuck together higgeley piggeley.

Had the most amazing brunch at dirt cheap prices, visited monuments dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust, saw parts of the Berlin Wall, delighted in popping little jelly balls of sweet syrup, basked under the sun, just amazing.

Unfortunately I got an anxiety attack on the last day and had to fly back to Paris instead of heading onwards to Switzerland. Nonetheless….still excited!

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