Eurotrip: Prague 2012

My darling Papa gifted me and one of my bestest cousin a trip to Prague and it was AMAZING! This beautiful stunningly quaint city marked the mid point of my European trip and I had so much fun notwithstanding that it was FREEZING. It was actually one of the coldest places I’ve ever been, also due to the fact it was windy and rainy and we spent plenty of time ducking into cafes for hot drinks!

My cousin is currently training as a journalist, writing art and culture, I’m so proud of her! Her background also meant she could give us a little guide to all the fantastic architecture in Prague, which certainly made everything more interesting rather than just mindless gawking as I tend to do.

The hotel was just fabulous, this over the top, ultra kitsch baroque influenced place with gold chandeliers, art nudes and antler heads on the walls, and just impeccable service. How can we say no to being treated like princesses? We even got free spa treatments which was just phenomenal.

So lovely to walk around and gaze at things, to giggle over lace bits and sparkly gems. I picked up some gorgeous amber jewelery which I can’t wait to wear every day. Had my first virgin mojito and it was so yummy.

Prague is so wonderful and I would love to revisit it. We only had a weekend but it made me very happy. Up next is the Austrian city of Vienna!


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