Eurotrip: Vienna 2012

Vienna! Gosh nearly forgot about this place while charting our itinerary. Very first impression not a very good one….a young man decided to relieve himself in the train right in front of me. After that it was all good. Vienna is like the older well cultured sister to Berlin’s wild child, the city center is just so beautiful. They have perfectly preserved these stately buildings which have been converted for store use, reminded me a lot of Champs Elysees except it encompasses the entire city center.

Times like this I realized how dismal my architecture photography is. I have so few passable images of the city itself! Also perhaps I was being busy giggling at dancing kings, finding postcards, perusing the local markets and arguing whether a fish was alive or dead with travel partner for two hours.

A really lovely place to wander around but I think we might’ve better appreciated it if we’d book in an opera or classical performance.

At the end of it though, all we could think of was we were really starved for vegetables and fruits. It would only get worse from here on out….with meat, potatoes and more meat! Bit of a strange place to leave on, but next up- the twin city of Budapest!

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