Big Brother to the Family and a Story of Annoyance

After much blood, sweat and tears….oh wait, no that wasn’t it…..

After nine months of much anticipation….

I introduced a new baby into the family. That’s right. He’s beautiful, big and healthy and we couldn’t be happier. His name is Damien and he’s my brand new Canon 5DmarkIII. He even has a new pet already- the 100mm Macro IS lens. It’s beautiful. They’re beautiful. I am beaming with joy.

But before my little bundle of joy, there were the pain, the heartbreak and the requisite screaming. All because of a jackass camera salesman.

I don’t why I sometimes encounter this sort of arrogance whenever I enter a camera store. All I want to do is buy my camera (or to look at them, fondle them, drool over them) and in any case, whatever happened to making the customer happy?

So I walk into the store, asked if they had the 5dmIII in stock, met with a yes, and then asked if I could see it and have a bit of a play before I purchased it. I was told instantly and insistently no. Urm, no? He wouldn’t even let me see the model, instead handing me the 5dmII still in its full plastic covering and saying ‘it’s the same thing’.

No, it’s not the same thing. If I wanted the older model, I would’ve asked for it. I wanted to see the new model. I wanted to touch it, hold it and give the controls a whirl. Instead I get looked up and down and told I can’t do that, and was given some bullshit spiel about shutter counts. I get told that the ‘lovely’ salesman is a photographer and that the camera is for professionals. Gee. I guess I’m just a shutter clicker.

If so I’m darn proud of it. I’m happy with the work I’ve done with my trusty little 1000D. I’ve shot my own personal projects, I’ve shot published editorials, I’ve even shot at fashion week. I’d be quite content to continue doing so if my current camera would click as much as it whirrs. After four years it’s breaking down on me and it’s time to let it rest as a spare. I don’t need to be made to feel inferior, or to be disregarded, or to be told I’m not good enough for a ‘pro’ camera. Way to get a returning customer…not.

So imagine I was quite annoyed walking out of there. I’d like to say it was a one off experience, but unfortunately I’ve come across similar attitudes at other camera stores.

Moving on to better things, here are some images =D

Isn’t that the most delicious sight ever?! Utter love.

I’ll be back in Melbourne soon, ready to test these babies out! Call me 😉 Maybe!

One thought on “Big Brother to the Family and a Story of Annoyance

  1. Now if you were here (in the US), you could have “bought” the camera, used it for 13 days and returned it back to the store (and yes to that very sales-fuck-of-a-man) on the 14th day – with a full refund! 😉

    It is quite humiliating when you meet such people working at a store and are treated with disregard and disrespect. More so, when the manager is on the sales person’s side!

    Nevertheless, I hope the joy of owning and using the Mk III will fade the bad experience and continue to enthrall and excite you in days to come.


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