Food: Dench Bakers

Become a typical Melbournian by grabbing coffee and breakfast in the morning, although for me it is likely to be brunch/early lunch. Melbourne is well noted for its fabulous coffee joints usually tucked away somewhere with some gorgeous breakfast concoctions and it is really up to the individual to find their favourite haunts. Before I left on my aventure grande, I was invited out by Lady H to Dench Bakers, a neat little sort of place easily accessible by catching the 112 tram.

And neat it was, all the newly baked bread stacked along the wall, sandwiches in the case, and a separate room for us loungers, all filled with bright natural light.

The menu? Simple and exhaustive…I always dislike lengthy menus with 1001 choice offerings…how can anyone choose appropriately? Dench cultivated a two page menu with specials offered on the board- perfect.

Lady H went for a basic but delicious sounding walnut and honey toast with maple butter whereas I opted for something a little more decadent; the french toast with yoghurt and stone fruit.

The portions were generous, the bread dense and filling, not overly sweet so we managed to avoid the cloying over-eating even though we struggled to finish everything, but we did it! And were well satisfied.

Unfortunately my one quip would be the lack lustre chai latte….it was watery and tepid and not all-together delicious, although I think Lady H was quite fond of her latte (second image above). Can’t always hope for fantastic chai lattes, few places do it well.

We left belching slightly for a much needed walk, promising to return one day to try their savory items.

Dench Bakers is located at 109 Scotchmer Street, Fitzroy North.

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